As a highly respected and trusted company offering various types of pipe fabrication offerings, Pipeplex has you covered for all types of needs in this space. With the experience, expertise and equipment to provide you all types of fabrications and maintenance services Pipeplex’s growth and reputation is a testimony to our ability to service their customers needs to have highest of standards. Our ability for continual growth in the pipe fabrication field has been derived from their commitment to delivering quality products and services on time and within our client’s budgets. Being in operation for twelve years, Pipeplex have sought out state of the art equipment to service all your pipe fabrication needs and the latest equipment often means we’re in a position to delivering you pipe fabrication needs within your specified budget as well as being able to provide on time services. By choosing Pipeplex you benefit from the extensive service offering we provide rather than have to possibly deal with various fabrication providers to attain the result you’re after. Our unique service offering includes our unrivalled welding service, structural and pipe fabrication, the supply and install of boiler and pressure vessels, engineering services, electrical services, and to help keep you operating we also provide an enviable repair and maintenance service. With an extensive list of services on offer, we consider ourselves a one stop shop for all of your pipe fabrication needs, big or small. Not only do we offer free on-site quotes but we will also beat any written quote as a commitment to servicing our customers.

Pipe Fabrication

Pipe fabrication is widely applied across an array of systems we use in our everyday lives and is a critical activity on any oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals or any other construction projects where piping networks are required. At Pipeplex we find it paramount that maximum quality of work is carried out in this activity to ensure proper functioning of piping network. Throughout Pipeplex’s twelve years of operations we have completed a diverse range of projects and throughout these projects we have carried out various activities like storage and handling of piping materials, cutting, cleaning ends, welding, threading, inspection and testing, painting, insulation installation and more types of activities. At Pipeplex we are committed to providing our clients with all fabrication and welding of structural steel and pipe work as required. In the way of structural works, we offer pipe fabrication services such as headers and manifold systems, mezzanine floors, staircases, awnings, handrails and balustrade, safety bollards and grates. In the space of carrying out pipe and tube works our team can complete work with commercial and domestic structural steel, pressure pipe and tube assemblies, pipe spool fabrication, gas and petroleum and the fabrication of tanks. On all our services you can expect the same level of services from our free on-site quotes through to our repairs and maintenance offering when required.

Repairs and Maintenance

As an all inclusive pipe fabrication services offering at Pipeplex, we enjoy offering our high quality supply and installations services, however as a business operating in the pipe fabrication services space for the past twelve years, there is always the elephant in the room with a typical pipe fabrication service company not offering a repairs and maintenance service. It would seem some businesses focus on the install and supply of a shiny new system with not much regard for the repairs and maintenance of an existing system or the after service of the newly installed system. Through Pipeplex offering a well-rounded repairs and maintenance service has aided us in growing and continuing to grow over our years of operating due to our genuine best interests of our customers. At Pipeplex we are proud of the repairs and maintenance offering we provide for all structural steel and pipework. As part of this offering, we are in a position to carry out repair and maintenance services on truck chassis and provide trailer repairs, servicing of excavators and bucket repairs, hard facing, we are experience across all structural repair and maintenance, all pipe and tube repair and maintenance and through to boiler repair services. If you’re searching for a pipe fabrication services company who are committed to helping their customers and are not afraid to get their hand dirty when it comes to repair and maintenance services, then look no further than Pipeplex.

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